Gearboxes &
Geared Motors for
the Agriculture Industry

In Germany for example, the agricultural industry is strongly represented. On the one hand, farmers supply us with food; on the other hand, they contribute to the supply of raw materials and energy.

Approximately half of Germany's land area is used for agriculture. This corresponds to an area of 16.7 million hectares. Nearly one million people are employed in this sector and are divided into approximately 275,000 companies, with both the number of businesses and the number of employees declining. The produced quantities on the other hand have increased. This is due to the fact that companies are becoming economically more efficient and productive. This is due to the use of high-performance vehicles and machinery, which greatly facilitate the cultivation of the fields as well as the processes on the farm. Conveyor belt systems, for example, enable the fast and easy transport of sugar beets, potatoes etc. and modern irrigation systems enable automatic irrigation of fields.

Powerful gearboxes are essential to drive these solutions and machines. Premium Stephan offers high quality gearboxes and geared motors for this field of application. You can find more information about various agricultural applications in the applications listed below. Should you not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. A gearbox or a geared motor that is adapted to your needs will be designed for you.


Rotational Moulding

Hollow bodies made of polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics are produced by rotational moulding. The rotation mould is filled with the plastic granulate and heated during rotation. The material melts and settles on the mould walls due to the rotational forces. The mould is then cooled from the outside by large fans and kept in rotation until the material has cooled down. In this way, containers such as plastic tanks, but also other shaped bodies such as mudguards, plastic furniture, tubs and flower pots are produced.


Extruders are machines that produce bar- or sheet material from a viscous, usually hardenable mass. The mass is pressed through a shaping opening and gets the cross-section of the opening. The pressure is often generated by a screw (screw extruder), bodies of any theoretical length can be produced. Flat gear motors are often used as drives, Premium Stephan offers a wide range of these.


Calenders consist of several heated rolls arranged one above the other, between which a viscous, often molten mass is passed through. The material is rolled to the desired thickness in several stages, then cooled and wound up. The process is used for the production of foils, but is also suitable for coating foil-like materials. Premium Stephan has an extensive range of geared motors to drive the rollers.

Process & Applications

Bucket Elevator
Crepe Machine
Slab Cutter machine
Bail Press Machine
Banbury Mixer
Mixing & Kneading Mill
Strainer Extruder
Solution Churner
Strainer Extruder
Rubber Extruder
Tyre Building
Tyre Curing Press
Rubber Reclaim Machine
Pre - Refiner/ Refiner
Breaker Mill
Main Hoist
Auxilliary Hoist
Long Travel
Cross Travel
Transfer Trolley Car
Level Luff Crane
Bridge Travel


Bevel Helical Geared Motor
Geared Motors
Special Helical
Crane Duty