Mining and
Earth Moving Industry

Gearboxes &
Geared Motors for
The Mining & Earth Moving Industry

Difficult and special conditions prevail in the field of mining, especially in underground mining. It is therefore not surprising that gearboxes and geared motors have to withstand special requirements in this area.

They must be reliable and safe and also be able to withstand high loads. They are used in various areas, whether as travel drives, dump trucks or in thickeners, to name just a few of the application examples.

Premium Stephan offers optimal solutions for the drive of various earthmoving machines. We offer solutions that are energy-efficient on the one hand and designed for harsh environmental conditions on the other.

The application areas listed below show a few examples in which our gearboxes and motors are used. If you do not find what you are searching for, please contact us. Our experienced engineers will be happy to advise you and design a solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs and requirements.

Mining & Earth Moving


Conveyor belts ensure continuous material transport of bulk material over long distances (e.g. coal, ore or gravel in open pit mining). They are also used in other areas of life, for example to transport luggage at the airport. Conveyor belts work in a horizontal or slightly inclined position, depending on where they are used. Adapted to your requirements, Premium Stephan offers you the optimum solution with bevel gear geared motors or complete drive systems that include gearboxes, disc brakes, fluid couplings, motors, a common foundation and other accessories.


Stackers are used for the orderly and systematic deposition of bulk material. They are often used for the intermediate storage of the mined material in open pit mining. This process, known as bunkering, is necessary to ensure an even flow of material along the main conveying routes. Stackers consist of a running gear, a rotatable cantilever arm mounted on it for the discharge of the bulk material and a conveyor belt as feed. The trolley is either rail-mounted or crawler-mounted. In addition to open pit mining, stackers are also used in other areas such as the storage of cement or grain.


Reclaimers are used in open pit mining to to take up intermediate bulk material again and transport it back onto the conveyor belt. They are also used to mix the material. The material is also removed from other bulk material warehouses by means of reclaimers. These can be found in the chemical industry, in lime and cement works, but also in agriculture. Bridge scrapers, bucket wheel loaders and portal scrapers are the best known constructions. Drum reclaimers achieve particularly good mixing and homogenisation of the bulk material. 

Process & Applications

Bucket Elevator
Crepe Machine
Slab Cutter machine
Bail Press Machine
Banbury Mixer
Mixing & Kneading Mill
Strainer Extruder
Solution Churner
Strainer Extruder
Rubber Extruder
Tyre Building
Tyre Curing Press
Rubber Reclaim Machine
Pre - Refiner/ Refiner
Breaker Mill
Main Hoist
Auxilliary Hoist
Long Travel
Cross Travel
Transfer Trolley Car
Level Luff Crane
Bridge Travel


Bevel Helical Geared Motor
Geared Motors
Special Helical
Crane Duty