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Pulp Industry

Paper is a daily companion (in the form of a receipt in the supermarket, gift or toilet paper, just to name a few examples). The paper industry is experiencing steady growth.

Due to its versatility paper is one of the most important materials in the world today. A world with today's standards would simply be inconceivable without paper.

Paper was produced purely by hand for a long time. In the course of time the manufacturing process has changed enormously. Paper is now produced in large quantities by machine. In modern factories most of the work is done by industrial machines. To drive these machines, a wide variety of gears and geared motors are used, which vary depending on the type and size of the finishing and manufacturing plants.

In the applications listed below you will find a selection of applications in which our gear units and geared motors are used. If you do not find yourself here, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced engineers will be happy to advise you and design a solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs and requirements.

Paper & Pulp


In the pulp industry, shredders are used to shred wood for further processing. The previously debarked wood is shredded to small pieces of uniform size in the shredder. The shredders are driven by geared motors with low to medium speed. Shredding causes considerable shock loads, which place high demands on the reliability of the drives. Premium Stephan has corresponding robust geared motors for this in its range.


Pulpers are used in paper production to produce a pumpable fibre pulp from pulp or waste paper with the addition of water. The pulper is an agitator vessel with a built-in mixer driven by an externally mounted geared motor. Due to the installation situation, helical-bevel gearboxes with low to medium output speeds are generally used. Premium Stephan has these drives in a wide performance range in its range.


Screw presses are often used for dewatering and thickening pulp and are operated at low speed and high torque. Coaxial helical geared motors or flat geared motors are used. Whether with solid shaft or hollow shaft, Premium Stephan offers you the optimum drive.

Process & Applications

Bucket Elevator
Crepe Machine
Slab Cutter machine
Bail Press Machine
Banbury Mixer
Mixing & Kneading Mill
Strainer Extruder
Solution Churner
Strainer Extruder
Rubber Extruder
Tyre Building
Tyre Curing Press
Rubber Reclaim Machine
Pre - Refiner/ Refiner
Breaker Mill
Main Hoist
Auxilliary Hoist
Long Travel
Cross Travel
Transfer Trolley Car
Level Luff Crane
Bridge Travel


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