Gearboxes &
Geared Motors for
the Steel Industry

The steel industry is one of the most important industries in the production sector. In former times steel was used for the production of pots, jewellery, weapons and tools.

Industrialization made it possible to produce steel both more cheaply and more quickly. As a result, it became more and more in demand. Steel is now used in mass production and has become indispensable in the automotive industry in particular, be it in the production of aircraft, tanks, ships, cars or railways.

In steel production, the reliability of plant and machinery is the top priority. Various gearboxes and geared motors are used in the course of the production process. They are integrated in many applications that roll, process and refine crude steel. These include band saws and rollers, bending presses, driving rollers and tube bending machines, to name just a few examples.

We can provide you with various solutions for drives in the steel industry. Further down on this page you will find a few examples of applications for our high-quality products. If you do not find what you are looking for in the applications listed below, please contact us and let us advise you. A gearbox or geared motor adapted to your needs will be designed for you.



Premium Stephan gearboxes have been developed in cooperation with leading roller table engine manufacturers and are basically designed for operation in continuous casting, kiln and rolling mill plants. All components of the gear units meet the requirements of the rough operation in these plants. 


Metallic workpieces are plastically formed by bending forces. Round products such as tubes or profiled products such as corrugated sheet metal are produced by roll bending. The workpiece is pressed by two or more rotating rollers. Angles, sheet metal housings and covers are produced by die bending. The workpiece is pressed by the punch from above into the lower die and thereby takes on its shape. The components are also produced by swivel bending. The clamped workpiece is bent by the rotating bending beam around the clamping beam. Premium Stephan geared motors with medium to high ratios are used as press drives. 


Shearing is the splitting of a workpiece by two cutting edges moving past each other (DIN 8588). In sheet metal working, this method is often used for straight cuts. Compared to other processes such as laser cutting, flame cutting or water jet cutting, it is much more cost-effective. A distinction is made between scissors-guided shears in which the upper blade moves parallel to the lower blade and the much more precise oscillating-cut shears in which the upper blade moves on a circular path past the lower blade. Due to the high forces, robust geared motors are required as the drive. Premium Stephan has these drives in a wide performance range in its range.

Process & Applications

Bucket Elevator
Crepe Machine
Slab Cutter machine
Bail Press Machine
Banbury Mixer
Mixing & Kneading Mill
Strainer Extruder
Solution Churner
Strainer Extruder
Rubber Extruder
Tyre Building
Tyre Curing Press
Rubber Reclaim Machine
Pre - Refiner/ Refiner
Breaker Mill
Main Hoist
Auxilliary Hoist
Long Travel
Cross Travel
Transfer Trolley Car
Level Luff Crane
Bridge Travel


Bevel Helical Geared Motor
Geared Motors
Special Helical
Crane Duty