Our solutions are not limited to particular industries, but they do have some common distinguishing features: uncompromisingly good quality, high torque ranges and extreme durability.


You can expect a wide range of models with scalable performance features and various options for customisation. The high quality gears and optimum gear tooth meshing ensure quiet operation. The standard dimensions and the EASY-FIT assembly system ensure rapid and easy assembly.

  • High performance thanks to optimum design and use of components
  • Available as in-line helical gear, parallel shaft-mounted and helical-bevel gear models
  • Wide range of different housing and flange designs, as well as shaft options
  • Performance characteristics of the motors can be individually configured and are available as integral or IEC versions
  • Gear ratios from 2.8 to 315 : 1 in finely graduated steps


Ideal for use in the demanding, process-related area and under harsh environmental conditions: our industrial gear units boast an impressively rigid housing design and superior thermal performance. Thanks to their high level of efficiency they are extremely economical in operation.

  • Innovative overall concept guarantees best fit and reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Available as helical gear and bevel-helical gear models
  • Robust and maintenance-friendly
  • "Advanced Protection Sealing" series for high dust levels, monitoring system, special paint finishes etc.
  • Gear ratios from 1.25 to 400:1 in 13 finely graduated steps
  • Rapid commissioning thanks to matched components


The perfect solution for your company – precisely matched to your needs and in your plant in no time at all, thanks to our project teams.