Special Helical Gearbox

Special helical gearboxes can be customised according to your applications and requirements. For more details, get in touch with us.


Range: 5 - 880 kW

Ratio: 8.23:1 - 161.8:1

Size: up to 800 mm

Torque: up to 500 kNm


  • Non-standard ratio
  • Housing in cast steel or fabricated steel
  • Reinforced bearings for external loads
  • Shaft extension input/output
  • Fan cooling or cooling coi


Power range: up to 104 kW

Reduction ratio range: 56:1 - 80:1

Sizes: PNH - 11, 12, 13


  • Profile grounded of helical gears ensure the high standard of accuracy
  • High quality case hardened material for longer life
  • Gear case with rigid cast iron design
  • Identical design of top & bottom housing of gearbox
  • High power to weight ratio
  • Low noise and vibration


Rated Power: up to 9,000 kW

Sizes: from 55 mm to 290 mm shaft diameter

Torque: up to 3,800 kNm


  • Highest level of reliability and fail-safe operation
  • 2HI & 3 HI output shaft versions for easy connection to the work machine
  • Complete casing/housing/structure of the gearbox is stress relieved and fully aligned
  • Casing/Housing/Structure of the gearbox is horizontally split type


Range: up to 950 kW

Sizes: from 114 mm to 245 mm CD

Reduction ratio: up to 20.9:1


  • Uni-casing with 4 point foundation
  • Pump-less lubrication
  • Bottom Opening for end float adjustment
  • Enhanced Mechanical rating
  • Optimized thermal rating
  • Designed as per CTI standard